Welcome to SchedulePro, your partner for developing a successful strategy to plan,
schedule and execute construction and equipment installation projects.

  Business Model
SchedulePro provides project scheduling services to the commercial, residential, manufacturing and facility management industries. Our services are provided on an as needed basis. Fees are usually hourly and billed on a monthly basis. A week-by-week Estimate of Expected Charges (quote) can be developed prior
to entering into an agreement, so you can plan your scheduling costs for the duration of your project.
  Typical SchedulePro Clients
General Contractors needing to meet General
Condition schedule requirements.

Sub-Contractors needing to provide a detailed
installation schedule to the General Contractor.

Project Owners needing to provide high level timing
for other team members to base their timing on.

Residential contractors looking to coordinate
multiple construction crews on multiple job sites.
  Planning Schedules vs. Construction Schedules
Planning usually refers to the period of time in a project that can be 24 to 6 months before the start
of construction. "Project Timelines" and "Planning Schedules" are usually developed by the project
owner during the planning phase.

Construction (Installation) Schedules are developed after contracts are awarded but prior to the start of construction. They are the detailed plans a contractor uses to complete the work in their contract, and must be updated on a routine basis.

Count on SchedulePro to be your partner either in developing basic timelines and high-level planning schedules, or in creating detailed construction schedules and updating them as work progresses.

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